Rudi Dicks

//Durban programmer

# DoctorsInLimbo

I have started this campaign to raise money to highlight through the media the fact that many doctors in South Africa do not have posts to work at despite their loyal and selfless service, made much more important during the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic.

Any amount donated will go straight to more media coverage in the most effective mediums. So instead of your usual morning Starbucks coffee, consider donating even that small amount towards this goal.

You are inventing in the future generation of doctors – so know the person saving your life is exactly where they need to be, when they are most needed.

To those who donate – I and many others deeply thank you. To those who don’t, please consider sharing this post on any form of social media. We need to get this important story out into the media. Please use the tag #DoctorsInLimbo.

With the kindest regards, and much optimism,

Rudi Dicks


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